Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life at Emory can be summed up like this...


The truth hurts.

So when you have a small class in college there's always that one person you grow to dislike for no apparent.  For me the first time this happened was in my "Making Sense of Globalization" seminar my first semester of freshman year.  This one girl just killed me.  Why did she dress so weirdly trendy all the time?  Why was she friends with all the girls in our class?  Why was she friends with girls in general?  And to top it off she was really pretty so by girl rules I just couldn't like her.  

Because I was always that one girl with more guy friends that trend continued in college.  In that small seminar all my friends were guys as well as basically my entire life outside.  The thought of joining a sorority was, therefore, almost nauseating.  Throughout my first semester I was somehow conned into rushing because that's what all that's what all the "normal, fun" people do at Emory.  I caved.  Soon enough it was January, and hundreds of girls were standing in those damn lines outside in the rain preparing ourselves to girl flirt (vom).  Because our names happen to be alphabetical close I found myself next to that betch from my seminar.  I felt awkward around everyone else though so I would talk to her because she was nice....almost suspiciously nice.  Who is this girl?

Life just knew we were destined to be together because we both ended up in Theta (which was awkwardly not my first choice and her first comment to me on bid day was "OMG I was so afraid you went TriDelt!" That was awkward hahaha).  Blah blah blah long story short we have fallen madly in love and we're betches 4 lyfe.  Ditto what she said about Allen and Swallow.  We literally are the funniest people on earth so get at us.  Writing is stressful for me so don't be surprised if I trail off.



My first thought on this blog is, why the fuck do I have a blog. However, I am going to embrace this because as Leah once said, "We're funny, and the world needs to know". We both go to Emory and somehow I don't have a lot of Jewish friends...not sure how that one happened. Guess growing up in Westchester did me well. My friends love to have an honorary jap in the group, and I am more than happy to fulfill that role. Since the majority of my friends are hicks, I am ridin solo this summer, hence why I have resorted to blogging. Leah and I's relationship started way back when in a globalization seminar when I thought she was a slore. I actually thought she was secretly with this dude-->hell yes. 

Anyways, I started to see this slut out more often and then resorted to taking muploads of her with various boys. Creepy? I think yes. Then we both decided to pledge Theta (hell yes we're KAO) and THEN I got to fall in love with this little adorable kitty. So you could call it a love story I suppose. Anyways, we both want to share with you our love for people like our friend Allen (her names Ellen, but she plays softball..) and Swallow (snake that lives next door, or the other swallow, whateva). Also, sorry we're not trendy or up to date on our celebrity gossip. We're cool in our own special way. And one last thing, this blog is mainly inspired by our very own South Korea, Atlanta. Couldn't have done it without ya.